Pesach set the scene:

Our Pesach Set the Scene box demonstrated the unique culture at Chabad of Sandton:

We didn’t just presenting you with a bunch of stuff to put on your Seder table, the box encouraged children to get back to basics and get involved:

1.) Create their own characters by painting/colouring in the wooden figurines (adding their own flavour and creativity to the story/scene and making it more relatable to them).

2.) Build their own pyramids which helps develop fine motor skills, listening to instructions, problem solving and taking initiative.

3.) Setting out the various fragmented objects from the box into a cohesive story/order/scene based on what they’ve been learning at school and putting it all together – a little model that they can visualize and feel a part of (and feel a sense of achievement).

4.) It encourages parents and children to spend quality time together (a precious commodity these days) setting the table and playing the games/activities.

At Chabad of Sandton, we’ve got soul and we focus on the warm and fuzzy stuff that really matters in early child rearing.

Shalach Manot:

This year our PTA decided to take matters back to basics when they launched our Funfetti cookies shalach manot initiative. Parents purchased jars of ingredients that they could bake at home with their children, just another we promote quality time, learning through sensory experiences.

Guest speaker sessions:

This year we were fortunate enough to have the renowned therapist Judy Alter who gave us great insight into raising emotionally intelligent children. She provided parents with techniques to aid in managing emotions during difficult situations.